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    What do you prefer to attend: a software testing conference, workshop/tutorial or meet-ups?

    Which of these events do you generally finds gives you the best value as a tester?


    Workshops are best. In Many conferences most of the discussions or talks are on surface level. You can have much value in workshop as it enable us to participate and learn at the same time.


    Hi Emma,

    Generally speaking workshops are ok and well focused on a specific topic, but in many cases I have seen that the time is very limited because they usually take 1-2 days; this means 8 hours per day including coffee and lunch breaks. So, there isn’t too much time to get into details.

    I prefer conferences because there is a large variety of topics and I can choose those who I am interested in. Also, there is a good way for sharing ideas and learning from others experience.



    I’m pretty sure that “It depends” πŸ™‚ conferences are always exciting and inspiring – and you can also do much networking to expand the community and experience. But sometimes I lack diving into the core of one topic during conference. So, if you have trouble to learn sth by yourself, then you need workshops. Therefore to get to know what interesting happens all around it is good to attend the local meetups πŸ™‚
    In my view all forms of professional knowledge exchange are needed, useful and nice. All depends on you attitude, current need and knowledge ‘stage’, and the time you have available for the event.


    I agree @anurag-khode, workshops are definitely a good way of diving more into a specific topic which can be more beneficial sometimes.

    But as @groza-alin88 mentioned it’s nice to be able to experience a large variety of topics in a conference setting. I find this very inspiring because you can get a taster of many different topics and then learn more about them after if you choose to. And it’s always interesting to see what others in the industry are doing and working on.

    I find local meet-ups beneficial particularly from a networking perspective. It’s always good to meet people who have a common interest with you!

    As you said @aleksandra-kornecka ‘it depends’ and at the end of the day all forms of professional knowledge exchange are needed πŸ™‚

    What conferences / workshops / meet-ups have you been to so far this year? And what ones are you planning on going to?


    Thanks for summin up our opinions, @emmaconnor πŸ™‚

    This year I cannot count the events I attended, but the most amazing was Eurostar Roadshow in Warsaw, Poland and the Quality Excites conference in Gliwice the south of Poland – I made most brilliant networking in those events and still I have some opportunities and nice results from them, also in knowledge πŸ™‚

    I have also organized great event Test Carrots (the first in the world testing workshop by Geek Girls Carrots community) and some minor. local ones in PoznaΕ„.
    But the best thing about the meetup, and the achievement by the way, is that my group Girls Who Test is growing πŸ™‚

    And what events (conferences, meetups, workshops) have you attended @groza-alin88 and @emmaconnor ?
    And what workshop you attended this year @anurag-khode?

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