What bug are you most proud of for finding?

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    Was it a difficult bug? Was it one that some of your colleagues had missed? What makes you proud to say you found this particular bug?


    For me it would be catching a difficult bug, just before deploying to production. The bug was really difficult to find, as it was caused by migrating data from the old version to the new one, where the structure of DB had changed. Not noticing it would make the whole team look bad, and would lose us 2-3 days of work to investigate and come up with a fix.


    This particular website that I tested gave 10% of the spent amount as a credit to the user on providing a review. I was able to find a way to post reviews and earn credits without spending a penny. The site was already in production and this defect could cost the company dearly. What made me really proud was the fact that it was a difficult defect to find and a very critical one too.


    In my experience difficult bugs usually are hidden in combinations of features that have been tested previously in standalone mode, or even validating the data. I have participated in testing products where I have found bugs that have been there for 3 or more years after several commercial releases! Good thing is that clients didn’t catch it before me.


    Perhaps you have heard tales of the Heisenbug? It only exists when you are not observing it. If you do anything to look for it, it disappears. Now that is the perfect bug.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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