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    Every time a question occurs to my mind that how can we speed up test cycles? It’s a question that might occurred to many enterprise owners too. Evaluating a system and its components to analyse whether they fulfil the end-user needs or not is as essential as creating a system.

    These days, organizations are just improving everything to make sure they have quality going hand-in-hand while adding new features or new products. This is the reason why automation testing tool like HeadSpin has been a very important part in accelerating go-to-market without avoiding the quality metrics. However, automation by itself is not going to provide you all the boost to increase test velocity.

    Below, I have mentioned some ways to accelerate the software testing cycles-

    • Increase database calls
    • Strategize cross browser testing properlyw to level up testing
    • Optimize your CI/CD build execution
    • Leverage parallel testing
    • Stay well-organized with the best test automation practices
    • Make use of a modular approach
    • Communication is key
    • Look for the correct parameters


    Speed up your testing cycle: top tips
    Automate: Free up time by automating repetitive tasks like regression testing.
    Prioritize: Fix critical bugs first based on impact and frequency.
    Teamwork: Collaborate with developers for faster issue resolution.
    Continuous: Integrate testing throughout development (shift-left testing).
    Streamline: Optimize your CI/CD pipeline for quicker feedback loops.
    Cloud Power: Leverage cloud resources for scalable and faster testing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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