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    Selecting the talks and the activities from the programme is definitely not easy. Choosing one session over the others carries their opportunity costs. I am curious what the other delegates learned and thus I am inviting you to share your thoughts and lessons from the sessions you attended today.


    Lean coffee in progress



    What a performance Michael Bolton did at lightning strikes session!

    Rapping to convey what testing is, well that’s new.



    I can’t stress enough how useful the social activities at this event can be! You just have to defocus from the presentations tracks and follow the Community Huddle and Test Lab agenda.


    Today I joined the lean coffee session in the morning and a couch session with Isabel Evans in the Huddle.

    Both brought together people with different backgrounds and experiences. When dealing with a testing problem, these seem to help a lot foster creative solutions. I ended up with a variety of new approaches I will try or reflect upon.

    I encourage you to drop by the Huddle and the Lab. They have plenty of testing challenges and other learning opportunities!


    The most disruptive session for me so far was Kristian Karl‘s one, Fearless development. This approach works for a “fearless” team within Spotify, is based on a quality mindset where critical thinking is… critical and where a policy of 0 bugs is enabled.

    I was puzzled by the shift Kristian proposed for the testers’ role: they should drive the change towards quality, switching the focus from bugs detection towards bugs prevention. For now, it seems like we’re getting back to the tester vs quality assurance discussion. I’m happy to see tomorrow there’s going to be a couch session on this topic, I’m curios to get more insights.


    It’s not often, but sometimes speakers’ messages don’t reach me. This happened today. Trying too much or overemphasizing something in the content or presentation alienates the content delivery for me. I have a need for authenticity and congruence and when these are not met, I find myself blocking the message. That’s also part of the learning experience and it’s fine.

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