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    Aleksandra Kornecka

    Hi TEST Huddlers! 🙂

    I’m very curious how do you perceive high school and university lessons on software testing.

    What do you think, is that a good idea?

    What contents, topics, fields in software testing would you include in a study program in software testing?

    Let’s imagine you have like one semester to make the software testing course for the people who have not worked in IT at all.

    Who takes that challenge? 🙂 What are your ideas for the questions asked in my post?


    Interesting topic.. Few things that can be included

    – Basic testing principles and terminology

    – Introduction and basics of various types of testing like functional, performance, security and so on

    – At least one automation tool

    – Documentation part like test cases, test plan, defect reporting and so on

    • General overview of software testing: Purpose, objectives, need, etc.
    • Test Plan Design
    • Test Plan Execution
    • Type of testing: Manual, Pair testing, Automation, etc.
    • The role of QA/Test Engineer
    • Overview of stages of Software Development and the role of QA/Test Engineer in each stage
    • Importance of Domain Knowledge for software Testing
    • Final Project: Testing a new software



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    Good topic. I am actually talking about this at UKStar in March. On the whole, Universities don’t cover testing, and as much as one person can, I’m trying to raise the importance of teaching this at Universities as we really do struggle to find graduates who have any idea about Testing/QA (especially in the UK).

    Really I see value in them knowing the core topics such as testing techniques, reviews etc. But more importantly, it’s the art of asking questions and curiosity. Also, learning the ability to debug and identification of issues.


    In what universities can i study coding?


    When I was studying Software Quality and Standards course in my master’s program, I was taught
    1. Basic Concepts – Requirements and Process
    2. Software verification and validation – Principles, methods and frameworks for testing management
    3. Software Quality management and process – Quality management principles, standardization, quality criteria and metrics

    This course was carried out with a Project where students had to choose a product of their own choice and practice all possible tests with it. Finally, this course was evaluated by project report and presentation.

    With this knowledge, students are known well enough to crack foundation level exams in Software Quality.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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