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    EuroSTAR Test Conference is in 3 weeks!

    In case you have not organised your travel from Dublin airport to the convention centre (like me) here some tips.

    1. Taxi – most expensive option at around €25 or more
    2. AirLink – Singles cost €6 and the shuttle bus stops directly outside of the venue

    Maybe you also want to use this thread to organise a taxi?

    I for example am flying in on Tuesday 25th in the morning. Currently I am aiming to take the shuttle bus but maybe someone is also at the airport between 11am and 12 and would share a taxi with me?

    If you are looking for some more information on how to get to the convention centre, here is a useful link.

    Ronan Healy

    @Kim Yep the travel options are a bit limited between the airport and the city. For those of you travelling by plane (is there anyone going by boat??), getting from the Airport to the city centre is only possible by road. So the only options is the two above and
    Aircoach which is €6 one way and €11 return online. Aircoach don’t stop at the Convention Centre but stop at the city centre (about 7 minute walk to Convention Centre).

    But taxi-sharing seems a good idea. I’m sure there are many attending who are arriving in around the same times on Sunday/Monday/Tuesday?


    Hi, this is my first time attending Eurostar and am due to land in Dublin at around 07:30 on the Monday morning. It sounds like Airlink is the best option? I am more than happy howevr to share a taxi if any other people are due to land at the airport at that time?


    midnight taxi today (: anyone? (:

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    I arrived in Dublin at about 5:30 from Bristol and took the airlink. Dropped me right outside jury hotel.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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