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    You can use this thread to share recommendations on travel if you are a local or ask questions if you are travelling to EuroSTAR for the Conference.

    There are a number of ways to get to the Conference venue from the airport and the city centre. This post on EuroSTAR site covers a lot of them.

    Ask advice here for help with travel.



    first time in Denmark first time in Copenhagen.

    did not travel a lot in Europe so if any local one can help me with

    what should I prefer
    I see that my hotel is in a walking distance. or 6 BUS station.

    if by BUS do weekly tickets exists? and where can I buy them?


    Walking distance is really that. 🙂 and it’s quite safe to walk around in Denmark.

    here’s a link to the local ticket site’s info in English:

    here’s some info from the venue regarding local transport
    remember to see what the hotel suggests too

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