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    Hello Everyone,

    My experience has given me the ability to apply technology, in many forms. As a systems administrator my responsibilities have included support of various operating systems, scripting languages, virtualization software, web applications, etc. I have related course work in Computer Programming (C, C++, Java). Unfortunately, I don’t have a Computer Science Degree. I’m interested in continuing my education in Computer Programming to eventually get a degree.

    Would a hiring manager consider my previous work experience for a QA (Software Testing) position? ?



    I think they would consider your experience. Testing benefits from diverse skill sets and you seem to have skills that would come in handy. Scripting and technical knowledge is quite useful. You probably have som work to do in learning how to test, but sinIce I guess that you have experience with troubbleshooting you might already have a knack for the investigative part of testing.

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