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    Hello everybody,

    I was looking for a free tool to generate test sequences (or test cases) from a state machine. In other words, I would like to extract the paths from a state machine given a coverage criteria (e.g, 100% state coverage).

    I’ve found graphwalker, but to tell the truth I don’t feel comfortable with it for 2 main reasons:

    a) It does not have its own graphical user interface, you have to use yed to depict your state machine and save it as “graphml file”, then you can provide it to graphwalker. Yed does not seem stable to me.

    b) I have created a basic sate machine with yed (one intial state and final state connected with one edge) and graphwalker fails to find paths, there is an error somewhere that I haven’t caught yet

    Any suggestion about alternative tools is welcome

    Thank you in advance



    I came across Astah.. which may be of help. You can check it here



    I once tested a state machine in a communications flow, and considered carefully not to implement 100% coverage. Do consider both the number of tests needed for 100% coverage, and for what reason that high coverage is required… I wrote my considerations here: https://jlottosen.wordpress.com/2012/11/05/fell-in-the-trap-of-total-coverage/




    Thank you for your suggestion. I gave a try to Astah some weeks ago and it worked nicely. Comparing to graphwalker, it does not allow you to decide any coverage criteria, but at least for the moment it is a minor issue to me.


    I do agree with your approach.  I’m not trying to get 100% coverage  (let’s say state coverage) in practice since it is costly, worthless and time consuming if you have limited resource. My idea is to discover the paths given a coverage criteria, then I analyze them in order to select the ones fitting my business rules/context, those surviving  paths will be automate. For excluded paths, I can eventually define a residual risk to share with other teammates.




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