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    So if you are spending time in Copenhagen, what sort of things should you check out if you are visiting the city?

    Here is a good brief from the New York Times on a few things that you can do in Copenhagen.

    Have you any suggestions as to what to do?


    If you stay in the inner city (the venue is not) and like a run, then pack your running shoes and run around the rectangular “lakes”.

    As NYT recommends “koedbyen” the meat district is a place for craft beer and meat dishes.

    If you don’t have a LEGO shop near you, visit the LEGOSTORE in the central shopping street. The street is a mix of tourist trap, fashion and everything.

    Rent a bike, at commute to the venue with the locals.


    Experience a true Copenhagen brewpub!

    We are looking forward to hosting the tester community in Copenhagen, which is why we’re inviting EuroSTAR 2017 attendees out for afterhours drinks and food on Nov. 7 at Warpigs Brewpub, Copenhagen’s number one place for craft beer.

    Seats are limited. Reserve your spot now.

    See you in Copenhagen!

    Best regards,

    Aske from Leaptest


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