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    Hi TEST Huddle community,

    For those who are going to EuroSTAR for the first time and for those returning, the Test Lab provides an opportunity to meet new friends and to learn something new outside of the conventional classroom setting or your working environment.

    At this moment we offer a program with expert sessions, sponsored sessions and a menu with various exercises, games, puzzles, competitions and much more.

    Through this thread we offer an opportunity to ask questions, give comments or even express your happiness at attending this year’s Test Lab!

    Ronan Healy

    @Ruud I haven’t got to see the Test Lab in action yet so really looking forward to it.


    I just attended the test lab! some great puzzles there!

    The team is lovely and helpful and gives you good challenges!
    I definitely had a learning moment with the robot challenge! You also can earn stickers and once you have 5 you can get a shirt!

    It is a great environment to think outside of the box!


    I attended a modified version of testing with robots today and pair tested for the first time! Thanks to my pair testing partner for setting us on a structured way. We quickly figured out the patterns of the first robot but the second one baffled us a bit in the time we had.
    Awesome experience though!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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