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    Came across an interesting article related to 7 sins of agile testing by BRAD.

    Hope it would be interesting read for forum members.



    Interesting reading.

    In my current assignment we have shifted from doing
    Sin #6: Testing is one “sprint” behind coding
    Sin #2: Separate QA team
    integrating testing current sprint within the sprint, and no separate QA/Test team. I write a sprint test plan based on the sprint plan/spec and all developers take part in the testing.

    I had some worries but it has turned out very well.  However we still do a little of
    Sin #1: Waterscrumming
    in the sense that we, before a production release, do a “system testing sprint”


    It’s an outstanding article, hopefully increasing awareness of every type of person involved in testing.

    Although it’s clever to relate the structOure of the article to the classic “Seven Deadly Sins,” we should be careful that this convenient number, 7, is not limiting our thinking about testing sins.

    From my point of view, for example, there’s another sin that’s even deadlier than any of these, and perhaps underlies several of them: the management sin of disrespecting the job of testing and the people who do that job.

    From that disrespect, for example, comes the additional sin of managers who haven’t bothered to learn the hard facts of the testing business, leading to an ignorance that in turn leads to all these other sins.

    I’ve written more about this in Perfect Software And Other Illusions About Testing.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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