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    Well we test everyday in every corner of the world (you drink a glass of water, you do an off-road trip….everything is a testing ground for us)

    I like your way of looking at it .. Very true..


    Of course, that’s true 🙂 – that we as humans, not exclusively the testers, have been constantly testing something 😉 but it’s still highly interesting to get to know what particular thing you’ve been testing in the particular place.

    That’s little bit creepy, but since I’m mobile apps tester, I’ve been testing in very, non-office spaces like train, waitrooms and…hospital recently 😮

    Maybe you have tested in more strange, odd or just unique or unusual place? Maybe we should organize the “Strangest place to test software” contest? 🙂




    หาดตาแหวน, Ko Lan Island, Thailand

    There was a rather good internet connection. This place was not only interesting… It was also THE BEST place.


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    The most interesting place you have tested?

    I tested Switzerland and it was really interesting!


    I have recently being testing at the swimming pool where my kid is taking his swimming classes

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