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    I came across this post on Quora by Jon Peterson in response to the question: what is the difference between a software developer, engineer, programmer, coder, architect, and consultant?

    I thought it was quite funny?

    A programmer knows how to program computers.
    A developer is a programmer who sits in a cubicle and gets paid for it.
    A coder is a programmer who sits on a beanbag listening to techno in a black T-shirt and gets paid for it.
    An architect is a programmer who thinks up something really big for the other programmers to program, and gets paid for it
    A consultant was a programmer, but now wears a suit and tells developers, coders, and architects how they ought to develop, code and architect, and gets paid a lot for it.

    So i thought could the same be applied to software testing? Is there a real difference between a software tester, QA engineer, test lead and Consultant? Or are they all just software testers when it comes down to it.


    I guess it all comes down to the job requirements. But the way I see it quality assurance relays to a quality management system: a system that defines process and activities, it allows itself to be tailored and afterwards a independent party asses that adherence (quality control for the process and activities).

    Checking refers manly to the verification part of the product. Somewhere in the quality control area. But testing, well testing is not checking. It has it’s roots in the quality management system. The way I see it the best bug is the one that never happens…. and as a tester you have to make do a mixture of prevention and detection.

    //claudiu D.

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