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    During our webinar we discussed the concept of “Augmented Reality based Testing“. So I was just curious to know that did anyone else had anything similar to this in mind, that he/she wants to share, any experience, any “Must try this” kind of a thing.

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    Question from Gita Malinovska:

    Do you have any AR testing checklist? You mentioned reflective disk to use for testing. Is there any other things that we could be good at testing AR?


    Hey thanks Daragh !

    Hi Gita,
    Yes, I made a very high level checklist while exploring these AR applications, which are as follows:

    • Verify if the tracking/rendering of objects is done in real time

    • Verify the performance of AR application under different inputs

    • Verify that an AR application registers 2D/3D objects correctly and appropriately

    • Verify that hyperlinks and other interactive buttons redirect as expected

    • Verify that how an AR application reacts on different network speeds

    So like this, you can always add in more n more test cases/checklist depending upon what application you are testing, while keeping in mind the target audience of that application.

    Furthermore, while exploring these AR apps, I happened to use an image target that was under a reflective surface. So whenever light shines on that reflective surface, the image target beneath it would no more be visible to the AR application.

    So like this, you can also try and play with these apps. Say for instance, take a blank sheet of paper and make 5-6 dots on them. Then, use any of the applications say Augment , that support creating custom image targets and try to create a tracker from it. And if, by any chance that didn’t work, then try adding more dots on that page or make a random pattern and scan it.

    And here’s another exercise, choose an image target that is displayed on an LCD, LED and CRT monitor. Then open your AR application and try scanning that image target from an angle. Then see the result for yourself ! 🙂

    Hope that answers your question ! Do reach out in-case you any queries. 🙂


    Well, In my presence here is augmented reality is a fast growing market and for testers it is very important to understand two things – firstly, what it means to test Augmented Reality applications and secondly, how Augmented Reality can be leveraged to make the testing process more productive and efficient.

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