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    A conference is all about meeting, engaging and (building up a) network

    For these reasonses there is a community huddle. A specific spot on the conference where a lot of things will happen during the conference. Such as a first timer meeting, lean coffee, Open Space, soapbox session.

    In the communicty huddle you will find the following persons:
    Nathalie @FunTESTic
    Derk-Jan @DerkJanDeGrood
    Jan-Jaap @janjaap
    Ard @ard_kramer
    Alin @groza-alin88
    Jesper @jesper-lindholt-ottosen

    And we will post all our activities in this thread, so follow us!!

    Jan Jaap

    About a conference and interaction: an invitation

    Let me share some facts with you. Eurostar is a conference. Synonymous for a conference are discussion, consultation, debate, talk, conversation, dialogue, chat and tête-à-tête (source: Google Translate, definition of conference).
    When I combine the two facts I think there is something strange. When I look at Eurostar it is more ‘sitting and listening’ than discussing, consultaing, debating, talking etc. Of course we talk with eachother when we drink coffee and eat our lunch but in my opinion there could be more space for interacting. And that is what the community huddle is all about! There will be discussion, there will be consulting, there will be debate, there will be talking (in stead of talks) et cetera. Take for instance Test Coffee (Eurostar’s version of lean coffee) and Open Space. Test Coffee is an early morning session on Wednesday from 7.45 till 8.30, Open Space will be on Thursday morning from 09.45 till 11.00. During Test Coffee and Open Space the delegates (e.g. YOU) will decide what we will talk about. You can bring in your own cases, discussion points and ideas and discuss them. Derk-Jan de Groot and Bob Galen will be at the Test Coffee there to give there opinion but you decide what will be discussed. And you will participate in it if you want to
    Hereby I invite you to join, Active participation is a possibility, listening and following the discussion is also possible. But I promise you it will be 100% powerpoint free and interactive.

    Jan Jaap Cannegieter


    There’s also still some active parts that need you as attendee to shine : 1 place for the chill-out session / couch session (if there’s a run on these, maybe two). 3 soapbox slots of 10 mins. .
    Let us know ASAP if you want to share your knowledge on these platforms.


    Still soapbox-slots available: 3 to be exact… want to take the ‘ministage’ before an big audience? take this change and sign up! You can till tuesday morning at the conference.
    THere’s also still 1 couch session available.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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