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    Do any Huddle members have experience testing wearables or other devices for IoT? Is it an immediate challenge for many testers or something that’s coming “down the track”? For example are there protocols and (dare I say it ) standards or is testing IoT less structured?


    IOT is a big world and testing for these products is yet to get matured. I had chance to test Playstation, smartphone, Smart TV, Google Chromcast, wearable, Apple TV and we are currently exploring Raspberry pie, Android Auto, Apple Car Play and some Home Automation iOT products/softwares. As there are many different types of applications coming under the umbrella of iOT, product learning is one of the important part before reaching to so called BEST PRACTICE.
    It is good to know about protocols used for Internet of the things as many apps may have very limited interface to test on and testing such kind of solutions will definitely require knowledge of the protocol. Zigbee, Sigfox, newul, MQTT, CoAP are some of the protocol worth giving a try to learn.


    Hi @anurag-khode, thanks for the input – would you say that the limited interface makes testing easier or more difficult?


    I was pointing to Limited User interface…So the testing is easier if you know the protocol and functioning in the background rather than just UI and difficult to test if you don’t know anything about what is happening behind the limited UI available for testing.


    Recent post I published on testing wearables – you might find it useful

    2016 Will Be the Year for Wearables So Test Wisely



    Hi Eran,

    7 months on from that blog post do you feel the same about wearables? Is testing of wearables more pervasive now than 12 months ago?


    Hi Paul,

    We seen a lot of transition toward wearables and IOT devices throughout the last 8 months
    I have seen usage in the health industry, fitness and payment fields to support the trend. The IOT/Wear devices are starting to become an equal citizen in the overall digital landscape as an extension for Smartphones and tablets.


    Recently read an article that covers major usecases to consider while testing wearable devices

    You can read it here

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