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    How do you rate the tool? Are you a fan?

    Anurag khode

    Not really tried but heard a lot about it


    I use Soap to test interfaces. At first i found it pretty daunting to look at but I quite enjoy using it so send XML requests through our databases and confirming front end results / push messages generated from it.

    Have seen it used for performance testing & data loops once and looked to be a good tool for that but we don’t really do any performance tests so haven’t had any experience in using this myself.


    I use zipBoard for testing.
    Firstly, it’s really easy to use, I can add all my team members and we test it collaboratively which helps a lot and saves my time. Till date, there’s no bad experience.


    Hi Daragh,

    I am a fan of SoapUI for API testing and I consider it a very good tool for API. It can be used to test anything related to REST and SOAP calls as well as database queries. I have used it while working on a project where there was no UI to test, only API; many tests have been created to cover complex scenarios. It runs fast and it is easy to use especially for creating new requests and asserting responses.

    The tool has also a good flexibility; tests can run partially (there is a “Run from here” option which is perfect for debugging purposes) and they can run on different environments by using various sets of properties. SoapUI is also good for performing load tests.

    The only drawback is the lack of a proper IDE interface for coding but you can write any code you want using the groovy script option.


    Erik Haartmans

    I’m a fan too.
    You can do a lot even with the free version, such as database queries and using your own java libraries.
    I made a java class (jar) which was used in groovy and also in XML’s.
    With the combination of using database queries, calling API’s, using groovy, your own java classes, it is possible to make complex test cases.

    Julia Frohwein

    You can find real user reviews of SoapUI on IT Central Station. Users looking at SoapUI also consider CA SV for SOA testing.

    This Software QA Engineer writes: “We were using SoapUI, but Service Virtualization provides a different world of opportunities in SOA testing, which helps us to provide a better SOA solution to clients.” See the full review here: https://goo.gl/uFhnUu..

    Hope this helps.


    I recently started testing WebAPI, and I tried SoapUI. At beginning my plan was to use SoapUI for the whole project, but later I decided to only use SoapUI to do Load Test (Maybe also security test if needed), because they have good predefined load patterns. I use unit test framework to execute functional test instead.

    It is take long time to create all the requests in SoapUI, Then, when you do the assertion, you can either insert one by one in UI, which is slow and difficult to maintain afterwards, or you can also create programmed assertions in Grovvy. But the library are not really well documented. I spent many time to figure out how the write a good assertion in Grovvy.

    For an experience tester, who can program themselves, it is much easier to create and maintain their own test application in codes. for exaple, I use XUnit. It is much easier and faster.


    One my colleague used it a lot, I used it just a bit as I had no projects which required big work with requests.
    In my opinion it is “not bad”, but my personal experience is too small to have well-founded opinion,


    Plenty of responses there, mostly good


    I used it a bit..but Postman comes closed to me due to it’s simple UI. I believe the structure that SOAP UI provides in their projects is too complex, and needs to be simplified. Also, one thing I noticed is that it does exponential rounding for big numbers, and could not find a setting to not have it do that.

    Other than that the tool is quite good.

    Jan D. Wegmann

    I like it.

    when it comes to webservices, it is my favorite. I like the ‘cleverness’
    it uses to derive and generate stuff (xml) I had to figure out and type
    manually otherwise. For more or less simpler testing I use poster – a firefox plugin


    We used SoapUI for automated checking of API’s but found it to be a lot of work when it came to maintenance.
    We have since then built our own framework in .NET next to the code to be tested, Made it a lot easier to be able to code, edit and run tests from within Visual Studio.
    Still use SoapUI for quick tests, alongside WCF TestClient.


    I had to use SoapUI for one of my projects. I found it easy to learn and use. It has a lot of good features that solved our purpose. And also the support we recieved from them was also very good. So, yes definitely a fan

    Amit Kumar

    I used SOAPUI for the service testing.The service endpoint was supposed to be called using SAP.SOAPUI is a great tool to test services for SAP integration.Also I have used SOAP UI to baseline the response time of services.enterprise version of the tool is really great.In Evaluation version we need to be aware of the enevelope creation process which can be easily created using Enterprise version.

    Yuriy Babay

    Just try Blisk browser. It’s very useful tool for mobile testers


    Hi  John ( @jstodd25 ),

    I am searching for a way to generate push message using SOAP UI. From your answer i guess you have done that. could you please share me the steps to generate push messages?


    Ronan Healy

    If you have not come across it, a How To guide with posts on different aspects of using SOAP UI has started on Huddle. You can read the latest post by @brendanconnolly on using REST with WADL with SOAP UI here

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