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    Hello ,

    We have a Release of a desktop application in the year end. The desktop application is mainly a geo technical domain application which would be used by the Geo-technical engineers and is a a App with some calculations.

    But, I would like to have a generic checklist to ensure we have covered the general “Software” testing aspects before the release . I basically want to have a release readiness checklist fir testing.

    Can anyone suggest the best and a template for this checklist as in whats opints should be considered importantly.


    Kind Regards!


    Have a look at this link, which might give you an idea how you can proceed.


    This link may also help.

    In addition this site has more generic checklist (not specific to releases only)

    Aleksandra Kornecka

    Hey Padma!

    I’m very curious about those all non-generic points of your checklist 🙂

    From generic point of view I would say: it depends. There are some universal points like:

    1. Are all “must-have” features implemented?

    2. Are they working correctly?

    3. Are all intercorelations and dependencies known? How do we manage the dependencies?

    4. Do we have any data and architecture backup? Do we have backuping strategy?

    5. Do we have a recovery plan in case the release fails?

    6. Do we recognize main risks and do we have some plans how to manage them?

    7. Do we know who is responsible for release (who is decision maker) and who can help in releasing?

    8. Do we know that all third party integrations (e.g.with Geo-devices) cooperate with our app in the way we want that to?

    9. What should we add more to checklist? 🙂


    But it depends on how your app is set up, if it uses continous integration and what type, if there are automated tests and on what level (unit, integration, API, UI).

    Good luck!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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