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    sai charan

    Hi All,

    Now – a – days , testing the applications with wide test data which covers every corner of the application has becoming important.

    I would like to know what are precautions do we need to take while preparing test data.

    It is a tedious task to generate test data itself. So it would be nice to hear the different approaches used by automation teams to generate the test data.


    If the data that you need is fairly simple- for example names and addresses, account details etc- then there are a number of free tools and websites etc that you can use to create data.

    My favourite at the moment is http://www.generatedata.com. It can create data in a number of common formats such as XML, CSV etc. I have found it to be a good companion to automated testing tools such as JMeter, HP UFT, LoadRunner, and service virtualisation tools.

    Abir Khan

    @saicharan, Can you please give some example about what type of data are you talking about.

    For example we also need a variety of Test data for our day to day testing. But the data we need to create is In App data from our AUT. So we try to write script for these lengthy test data to free our time. But we write script in a distributed way.

    So we like to figure out some kind of framework in future and test report to maintain our test data well.


    Mockaroo is also a good site for test data generation.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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