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    Has anyway ever used any test case tools which allow handing over /reassigning of the test to different owners during execution?

    At the moment running E2E testing of a multi-team/mutli-system tests and the use involves team A executing a step or 2 then team B does some and so on. Test case tools I’ve used don’t seem to allow reassigning during test case execution.


    Great question Paul.

    I know that the test tool in SAP implement this, as many SAP activities involve many teams. I have personally used the fields “tester” and “responsible” in HPQC for an agreed delegation. Tester was always set by the system, so that was the last person. while “responsible” could be the next one… albeit some manual oversigt from the test manager. But haven’t seen many tools with step-wise assignment.

    Alternatively, I could insist to split it into separate test cases, with references if tool supported. Some tools can arrange the order of test execution, so perhaps with some clever combination of tests this can be achieved.


    Thanks for the response Jespar. It seems to be something which isn’t easily facilitated by test case tools. Added complication in my current project is the different teams involved are located around the country.
    A few people have suggested the solution of breaking down the tests into component parts – perhaps this is something we could do, then export to Excel to piece it back together for reporting purposes. For example, Test A – might break down into 5 separate components (based on different teams doing their bit). If you have a field identifying them as part of a common test then we can tie then back together afterwards.


    We use HP ALM/QC for test case management for SAP implementations. In order to run cross-stream scenarios, we set up “test cases” in Test Plan as individual tests and then create test sets in Test Lab to string together the test cases into longer scenarios. Each test case is an individual entry in the execution grid in Test Lab and can be assigned to different testers.


    Thanks Shane. Will definitely look aT this for next cycles.
    For the current we ended up trying a different method which didn’T turn out that great. We created tickets which were passed around between teams and results logged in the ticket, which a central coordinator then used to fill in the test case once a conclusion was reached. To be honest it was horrible so will look at test set idea for next one..


    Hi Shane

    Another tool that you could take a look at is http://www.TestLodge.com (Disclaimer: I’ve been involved with developing this.)

    When you create a test run, you have the ability to assign different suites/sections of the run to different people and then at any point during the execution of the cases, its easy to stop and assign the remaining tests to someone else to pickup.

    I hope this helps


    oh BTW, just realized that PANAYA a test tool coming from the SAP ERP testing domain handles this as a key feature. They recently was part of the EuroStar 2016 EXPO.

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