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    Need suggestion for automated testing tools for a BI project. An Open source tool would be preferable.

    Scenario is such that various data sources feeding the data warehouse and finally to the BI reports.

    It would be nice if some one can help me out with this.


    BI validator is a tool that I have heard of, though it is not open source. Selenium is another tool you can try


    Thanks for sharing details on BI Validator.


    Hi their, here is list of the tools you need,

    Informatica Data Validation.
    Datagaps ETL Validator.
    Talend Open Studio for Data Integration.
    Codoid’s ETL Testing Services.
    Data Centric Testing.


    Hi @sagarle01, I appreciate your response but those tools you have mentioned are paid ones and it refers back to the link https://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/top-4-etl-testing-tools/.  Please be mindful to provide answers related to the posted question, so that it can help everyone in need. You can also help by explaining how those tools can be of help towards the original post.

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