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    I have 12+ years of experience in manual testing and good hands on coding in  C#.


    My company have a product which is used by the agents in USA to sell the Insurance. Product customized as per the client’s need. It has main 3 modules.


    1. UI: is used to take the inputs from the client like age, risk class, Face amount …etc and validate them as the the product specification.

    2. Engine: with the above inputs some rate calculation is carried out at the back-end and final values like cash value, Death benefit are displayed on UI.

    3. Reports: A fully processed report which is ready to sell the product to customer.


    We are now thinking to use the ease of automation in our organization and creates a team of 4 people initially. We are using Selenium with C# as a automation tool.


    We need to automate the UI testing which includes the following


    1. Entering input in fields.Navigation across all the pages to enter the inputs

    2. Verify the states and defaults for the fields.

    3. Verify the validation associated with the fields(if any)

    4. Saving the case


    To accomplish this, we are thinking for a framework. Here, I need some guidance from the experts. Which framework is good for us. Please write up some good and new suggestions


    Possibly there could be many frameworks that would help accomplish the task you mentioned. Before considering a framework I would suggest to think through the scope clearly as how would you like to accomplish by keeping testing pyramid in mind.

    1. Are the functions properly unit tested with better coverage?
    2. Is there an API to query and to test the backend?
    3. Finally try to add E2E tests on top
    4. Language you are comfortable with – C# in this case
    5. Consider few frameworks
    6. Then work through your proof of concept for the frameworks shortlisted
    7. Consider maintenance overhead and all the people involved in helping to maintain this project.
    8. Finally choose the best framework that suits your need.

    For the resource part, I would suggest to look through Test Automation University C# learning part: https://testautomationu.applitools.com/learningpaths.html?id=web-ui-csharp-path


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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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