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    I was just wondering if anyone had any experience of students in testing and what your thoughts might be on the subject? I’ve been in a couple of discussions about the pros and cons of student placements to both the students and the employers involved and wondered if anyone here had any input?

    I undertook a placement as a student tester as a part of my degree and found it really useful, I don’t know if i would have become a tester without it! I think the placement year gave me the exposure to testing that I probably wouldn’t have got otherwise and meant that when I left uni I had real world experience that I could use to get my foot in the door. I actually ended up back at the company where I did my placement permanently when I’d finished my degree and I’ve recently taken a more active role in recruiting new students for placement years within my company and helping to mentor them.



    @alex That’s a great idea for a thread. I started one over on the Learning to Test forum to discuss how members got their testing knowledge.

    It is related in a way. I don’t come across testing placements too often. Are they common in your experience?



    Hi @ronan,
    I think the two are closely related, but I’m also wondering whether anyone has had any experience of working with/ employing students. It seems that student placements are not common in our industry which I think is a massive shame,
    I dont think I would have even been aware of testing without having done one and it seems to me that students can be quite useful to companies also



    @alex I’m sure there are some members of the community here who have experience taking on students. @Rickard who did an eBook recently on teaching testing to students might be able to help.




    Funnily enough this is a subject that is close to my heart and here at The University I work at we are looking at putting together a proposal which will allow Students (along side their existing commitments to studying) to dedicate time for testing. They would gain skills etc which would go on their records..I personally think getting students involved in testing even at this basic level is a great idea and something I’m hoping comes to fruition here,,



    That sounds like a great idea Simon. Hopefully some more universities will do the same.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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