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    I think this is most relevant for the Learning to Test thread. I’m sure everyone here has done their fair share of interviews?

    The tech industry is known for its non-traditional approach to recruitment. Is the testing world the same? I know that some testing interviews involve solving puzzles which is probably relevant to the job.

    Do you have any experiences of interview processes where the recruitment process was a little outside the box? Where you asked any strange questions or asked to perform tasks you were not expecting? I’d love to hear about your experiences.



    Ah well, I was asked once whether or not I was a Star Trek fan or a Star Wars fan.
    Apparently my response would dictate which team I would work in should I get hired.


    @crt42 That’s a good one. And what was your answer? What was the difference between the two teams?



    @ronan – <grin> – I don’t think there was any difference between the teams – just goofy preferences for the graphics they used in team names – and a fondness for debates on which was the better story…LOL.

    Re: my response… Now if I told you my answer – I could possibly jinx future employment!!! HA


    I was once asked: “If you were an operating system, which one would you be?”



    An organisation I knew asked people “how do you test a pogo stick”.

    Challenge being 2-fold: to know what this was, and then to answer it…



    UUU – yea the “Let’s make sure you’re a tester” questions!!!

    I did get this one once:
    “How many balloons does it take to fill this room?”

    The challenge wasn’t to answer it empirically – but to know which questions to ask.


    How do you test a keyboard and how do you test a glass of wine 🙂


    These questions get better all the time.

    @hopvine What happened if you didn’t know what a pogo stick was? Was that essential to the job? 😛

    @mikeharris105 That’s a great question. What was your answer? I’m guessing not many said Vista!!

    @cristi-preda How do you test a glass of wine?



    @ronan A number of people did not know what this was. It was _meant_ that you could demo how you would test an object, properties to consider etc. And no, this was not needed for the role(s).

    @cristi-preda @ronan Testing wine is easy. This is a quality (Assurance) question. Note compared to most of the other items, it does involve a practical…


    I think that the point was just to see how I dealt with an awkward question, so long as I had a reasoned argument it was ok!


    I agree @mike @ronan the point was to see how i deal with a question which usually you don’t get in a job interview. If i remember first things i fought was color of the wine , taste and smell of the wine.



    The first stage in a recruiting for a role I went for recently was an agency interview. I met the agent, shook hands, exchanged pleasantries and was directed upstairs to a meeting room.
    When we sat down first thing she said was: “You’ve passed the most important part of the interview!” I looked back blankly.
    She explained that “The most important thing I have to look for is a strong handshake and a sense of confidence.”
    That was literally it. The rest of the time was spent explaining to me what might happen at the next stage.


    One I was told recently:


    Room, desk and car – which do you clean first?


    It makes no sense to me.


    I guess desk represents your work, room is your personal life and car is luxury. The recruiter may be looking how the candidate priorities these three


    One question that I seen mentioned on Twitter recently was:

    “How would you test a nuclear bomb?”

    Is there any right answer for this?


    One question that I seen mentioned on Twitter recently was:

    “How would you test a nuclear bomb?”

    Is there any right answer for this?

    Are you kidding me :o:o:o:o


    I was once asked to explain the end to end process of a betting system, which includes 70 web scrappers, data warehouses, bookmaker system, traders system, customized UI (final product). I had to estimate the request/response calls on each system, required manual efforts on each system, where can I introduce automation, what type of automation and how!

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