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    Cigiti have release their predictions for what will be the popular trends in testing in 2016. The trends havnt changed much since last year. You can see the full list here but the list of areas in software testing that they predict will be big or bigger in 2016 include:

    – Security Testing,
    – Client Centric TCoEs
    – Test Automation
    – Testing in Agile & DevOps Environments
    – Wearable and IoT testing
    – Telematics Testing
    – Quality Engineering
    – Service Virtualization

    What do you make of that list? No Mobile testing. Has it finally arrived? And test automation to grow and grow.

    Do you have any predictions yourself? Is there any area of testing you see getting bigger in 2016?

    Andrei Domuta

    Some areas like Wearable and IoT or Telematics are still in their early stages so my guess is that testing will play an important role for them in the forthcoming years


    Hi Daragh,

    I think security testing will be an important topic in 2016 and it will continue to be like this in the following years. Systems are continuously growing and vulnerabilities may occur anytime, so security testing must be done more. Nowadays testing is much focused on automation, DevOps, Agile and I think the new trend will also be related to techniques, strategies and tools for increasing the level of security testing. It will also enable a new area of testing so testers will want to develop their skills in this direction.

    DevOps area will play an important role and this is the trend with a high level of interest for many companies. It is a topic that involves most of the team members in a software project (dev, test, ops) and it will generate a better velocity in delivering software products; this is an important advantage because the customers want more new features faster. It means also a good way for all team members to have knowledge regarding dev, test and ops activities.

    A very general topic will be IoT (Internet of Things) which is also related to security. More and more systems will merge and the huge data should be handled accordingly.

    Another important topic in 2016 I think it will be the relationship between costs and types of activities. Small is the new big; there are more and more small companies providing outsourcing testing services for companies that don’t have a dedicated team for QA activities. There are also companies that have outsourced the testing activities because they need to reduce costs. It is interesting to see how the trend will be taking into consideration also the DevOps approach.



    In general, I also believe that these topics will be really important in 2016.

    Concerning trends in test automation I have recently read a good article about that I want to share with you:

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