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    I know that templates are a very common thing in testing and there are hundreds available for test plans, case logs, bug tracking etc.

    Many tasks in testing can be repetitive and templates come in handy. Do you use templates?

    Are they a good idea to use as a shortcut or is there any negatives to using templates?


    Templates are best used as guidelines, but I have been in plenty of situations where the templates were fixed in stone, and no editing of the headlines appropriate. I have also written my share of templates, mostly to make writing the next documents faster. For novel solutions and new areas (Devops, agile) new “templates” needs to emerge. And for that we need to experiment a couple of times – you cannot write a template from scratch.


    Yes i do and templates are always handy.

    I can’t see any negative point in using templates.


    I use templates often as a guideline and to save time. But they cannot always be used as it is. You need to customize it as per your requirements.


    I use templates for test plans and bug tracking. They are very useful and keeping a common template makes it easier for other team members to read them. A good approach is to also add attachments to templates like screenshots, logs, technical documentation etc.

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