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    I’ve used to listen about SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle), but recently I’ve read about Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC):  http://softwaretestingfundamentals.com/software-testing-life-cycle/

    What do yo think? Have you known such a schema exist? Do you use that in your company?

    The test phases and activities are quite obvious. But I’m actually impressed with deliverables and neccessities described there 🙂


    Waterfall/V-model is one SDLC, but not the only one. From that you can derive the mentioned rudimentary Test process… I have written my share of those back in the days. The model seems to me more a cog in the wheel of waterfall. Not everything is Plan-Do-Check-Act (Deming cycle) – there are other options. Other options that to throw the book at something, and not considering the context.



    Waterfall in very old methodology nowadays companies employs the agile method to improve productivity and making cost and time efficient.


    Software testing life cycle has different important sessions. The spiral model, water fall model, V model etc are the most important parts of it. Big fixing and verifying the requirements in SRS are the most important tasks assigned for a tester.


    Actually that seems no one touched the very entity of STLC. I didn’t mean SDLC, @jesper-lindholt-ottosen 🙂 Thank you for sharing your thoughts, that’s also very interesting.

    When talking back about STLC – I was impressed by other than SDLC perspective which I found in STLC 🙂 That can seem to be tricky, but I see the big value there – to redefine the testing-centered process within QA departments – not beyond the development, but as a separate procesual entity – where the testing process is put first.



    An STLC could be the TEST swimlane in the above.

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