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    It is always confusing to understand the difference between smoke and sanity check.
    Can anyone explain what is the difference between both and may be with the help of an example would be really helpful.


    You can find many articles that explain the differences between the 2 in detail. Here is a good one.


    I think that, as usual, it can mean different to different people. They could mean the same. For me a smoke test is a test that checks if a release is stable enough to start structured testing, like a go/no-go decision.

    the value of the test would be to not invest in heavy testing before you know it will be worth it. I like to do things in an sequence.

    Smoke test
    Check bufgixes
    Check new functionality
    Regression test

    I guess Sanity check could be an extended smoke test. The word sanity could imply that you check release notes, review status etc.



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