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    Ronan Healy

    I read a blog post recently and came across these slides on the sins of test automation.

    It seems to be a popular way of discussing some aspects of testing that you should avoid with automation. What do you make of the list? Do you think it’s a fair reflection on what you should not do in automation or are they missing something?

    1. ENVY
    Flawed comparison between manual testing and automation

    Over indulging on commercial testing tools

    3. LUST
    Loving the UI so much that all tests are executed through the UI

    4. PRIDE
    Too proud to collaborate when creating tests

    5. SLOTH
    Too lazy to maintain automated tests

    6. RAGE
    Frustration with slow, brittle or unreliable tests

    Trying to cut costs through automation


    I think this sums up most of the traditional ‘dont’s’ of test automation rather nicely.

    The only improvement I would suggest is to replace ‘overindulging on commercial test tools’ for gluttony with ‘trying to automate all tests’. That’s something I see happening far more often.

    To quote Alan Page: you should automate 100% of the tests that should be automated. Nothing more, nothing less.


    That’s a great list! Bas’ replacement for gluttony sounds like a good one to me. Not sure where it would fit but another anti-pattern I’d add is running all the tests, all the time just because you can even though they are not 100% reliable, then spending hours reviewing the failures.


    Ignoring the fact that test automation projects are development projects, ignoring all development good practices when creating test automation scripts.

    I dont think that ignorance is a sin, though.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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