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    Has anyone ever used SharePoint lists as their test case/scenario management tool?

    My current project manager keeps pushing for it so interested in knowing if anyone else had any experience to share? My immediate reaction is to use excel but want to have an open mind.


    I never have but I could see myself in a situation where I would do it, in lack of “real” test case / test management tool I do a lot of information dashboards that relate information about testing in sharepoint lists, so sure why not.

    Excel, is a single file that lock all other records, when one single record is updated. Sharepoint is a one item lock only. Also it is can be customed with different views for different audiences, does automatic BACKUP, versioning, modified timestamps etc. So you have the history tracking of all items. Perhaps use various lists to make it easier to update status values etc.. tying lists together. In general SP has many of the bonusses that any other webbased shared testing tool has wrt collaboration and data integrity..

    Give me a day and I’ll build a HPQC like system in SP :-D.


    *: what’s a real tool? If i could have my way a mind-map would suffice. Many do that with great success..http://www.ministryoftesting.com/resources/mindmaps/


    Hi Jesper, Thanks for the feedback there.

    Sounds like what I’d need to do is write the requirements that the list would need to have any then go from there.(and hope there are good Sharepoint admin people in the org – because I’m not one of those by any means 🙂 )

    Basically is sounds like you’re saying that the Sharepoint lists can essentially act like Excel but with some added advantages.

    So, I suppose the question really is now – would you use Sharepoint instead of any other free tool that maybe available. But I have to work with the fact that the IT manager on the project I’m on has a bit of a thing for Sharepoint (he likes everything in the one place).


    Paul, good to hear you will try. Ping me directly for the specifics, if you need.

    Where I am sharepoint IS available, so it’s internally free 🙂 In another context I would use another tool…a ny other free tool. might be sufficient. Consider though if the company data ends in the cloud… might not be appropriate. Everything in only place is definately an argument in my book too 😉

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