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    Share with me what kind of questions you will bring to the conference

    On Thursday, the last day of the EurSTAR conference we will close the program with an interactive session. It is your last chance to gather answers for your testing questions.
    As the program guide says:

    No doubt, that during the conference you have collected many ideas and got many useful tips. But, check for yourself. Have all your questions been answered? This interactive session is your last chance to leave the conference with a tick in every box. Join the program committee & guests and get engaged in the final community discussion. This is your chance to address your questions to Paul Gerrard, Alexandra Casapu, Mike Jarred, and Henk van Merode directly. Hear what they have to say, how they experienced the conference and challenge them with your testing questions.

    I will moderate this lively session and mix questions from the audience with those gathered in advance. Please share with me what kind of questions you will bring to the conference. What are the things you hope to find answers to? Share them now, and I try to ensure you get an answer during the session.


    Hi Derk-Jan,

    My top-3 questions I take with me to the conference:

    1. What are the topics I wan’t to re-share in my company as workshops
    2. What are the main trends I noticed this year at EuroSTAR
    3. What was the most intriguing / inspiring topic for me (surprising, but also most repulsive etc.)

    The last one is interesting because it also challenges me to visit at least some tracks that have titles or content that seems totally not-done to me, but let’s me broaden my view. If I’m really repulsed, I leave the track 🙂

    Kind regards,


    Hi Derk-Jan,

    I have three more practical ones:
    1. What are tips and tricks for testers in Agile teams (since we’re doing a pilot project in my company now)
    2. What are other companies doing regarding non-production environments (OTA) – infrastructure wise and data wise
    3. Are there people already testing specifically for the ‘responsible disclosure’ / dataprotection / EU regulation that is really becoming a big thing now and how do they do that?

    Kind regards,


    Hi Derk-Jan and Nathalie,

    I am new to the test huddle and looking forward to next week immensely.

    In addition to the topics that Nathalie has posted above, I am very interested to learn more about the following.

    1) Cloud testing. I would be very much interested in hearing about peoples experiences of setting up cloud based test infrastructure and testing cloud based services? What are the options and how are people going about this?
    2) Testing with small teams/limited resource? I am always interested in hearing how testers are dealing with this and latest practical tips? How do teams deal with test automation for regression for example?

    Kind Regards,

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