Risk Based Testing

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    While risk based testing leads to more focused testing, not everyone follows risk based approach in testing due to factors like tasks, time, people, approach etc.

    As a tester who would like to incorporate this habit in everyday testing, what are your suggestions on this topic based on your experience?

    what are the quick factors that decides the level of risk a product/feature has?

    It could be a huge topic to discuss by drawing a risk based matrix with the help of impact and likelihood, but I would like to hear on more practical approach which you made it as a habit.


    Factors that affect level of risk of a product/features:

    • Time to test Vs release deadlines
    • Level of experiences of Developers and Testers
    • Technical complexity of the feature
    • Cross-compatibility with other features/software
    • etc

    @msalazar18, thanks for your response. The question was to know more specifically about the risk factors from a tester point of view during testing. It could possibly include the following,

    • How likely the application could fail?
    • Potential failure based on its history
    • Consequences of failure


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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