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    Turnout at yesterday’s pub quiz was enormous and the whole place filled up with EuroStar 2018 delegates. There were more than 20 teams with 1-6 members in each team. Connections were made and ideas were exchanged. It was absolute fun to be there. I am posting a few questions that were asked in the pub quiz and let’s see if you can answer them all in your first guess 🙂



    1. Here are the 10 corporate logos seen through a kaleidoscope. Can you name the corresponding companies?



    2. Which kingdom nearly has 28 million inhabitants, a coastline of 2,600 km and no rivers?



    3. This image has a “mash-up” of 2 tv shows. Can you name them?




    4. What is the only country in the world with a cactus on its national flag?



    5. What breed is cartoon-dog Snoopy?


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