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    Has anybody heard about the term Project Acceptance Testing (PAT) for client-based softwares like different Operating System and/or MS SQL Server that needs to install only?

    Which parameters needs to be tested Or can we simply create a test plan/checklist ???


    I was part of a team doing acceptance testing of the new instances company installed for the clients. What we needed to do, in  general and most broad terms, was that every system / feature most important for our clients is their and does a few things.

    While OS or SQL server is not like that, I think the main goal is more or less the same: if you customers want to have some important features / system tested, you may do that with some, say, checklist.

    Like, say, for a new OS installation

    • Boot system
    • Login
    • Connect to Wi-Fi and/or ethernet (whatever is to be used)
    • Check that sound works
    • Install some basic software from the list
    • Run the basic software from the list


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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