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    Can anybody recommend an open source test management tool.
    Preferably any tool with whom you already worked with.


    I haveĀ used TestLink before and I found it pretty good


    Thanks @archana for your suggestion, will definitely give it a try.


    Hi ,


    I have used listed below test management tools:

    • qTest
    • PractiTest
    • Zephyr
    • Test Collab

    And I loved using qTest tool as it is easy and effective to use. Test management tools plays an important in the software testing industry. It gives a discipline to testing. When follow a test process it gives us the plan at the initial. Test process provides the facility to plan and control the testing throughout the project cycle. It helps to track and monitor the testing throughout the project.

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    @tassaweramin, I would suggest you to look at the below tools,

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