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    Hello, i hope some expirienced automated testers can help me out here.

    I worked for 4 year as software tester and tested only manualy.

    Now im in a new company, which is currently developing a new webapp with Visual Studio in C# using .NET technology and they want to have a automated test in the end, which is my job. In detail, i make a functional/UI test.

    Currently, i still have 1-2 months time to study or to find best testing tools for automated testing.

    In our last meetings, my team was mentioning Selenium as a good and known testing tool. And as my team is coding in C#, i do also learn C#, because it can be used in selenium for writing test scripts.

    I learned java before and developed mobile apps. So there is some knowledge in coding.

    Now ive got still a view questions:
    A. Can anyone tell me, what should i first focus on as a beginner with no knowledge in automated testing? Should i first learn C#? Or start directly learning Selenium or other testing tools?
    B. How much expirience do i need in C#, to fully use Selenium? Is it enought when i know the basics in C#? Or do i need advanced/expert knowledge in C# for selenium?
    C. Today, i had my first talk with a tester from a other team and he mentioned “Tosca”. I googled the difference between Tosca and Selenium. And both are being used very differently. Maybe someone here used both and could give me his opinion on both?
    D.  Are there any other tools needed for automated testing beside of selenium or tosca, which i should look at?

    I would really appreciate if someone could give me some personal expiriences and give me some tips. Im really motivated to learn new stuff, but want to do it in the correct order and correct way.




    See, you can learn Selenium with any language, whether it is C#, Java, Ruby, Python, etc. It doesn’t matter whether the application you are going to test has been developed in the same language that you would use to write your test scripts, you can test an application developed using C# in Selenium with test scripts written in Java.
    In addition to that, you don’t need to learn any of these languages completely for working with automation. You should know the basic stuff and as you go on with testing and creating test cases you will keep on searching about the issues being faced and how they can be resolved, which in turn will enhance your programming skills as well. Selenium with Java is easier and much better to use and learn, you will get lots of examples, training material, forums, and communities for the same. Don’t need to learn complete Java for this, only basics are enough.
    But above all if you are more comfortable with other options, then they are not bad, if you don’t have any past experience in programming and are starting from scratch Java is a good option.

    Note:  If you want to achieve Tosca Online Certification, Please feel free to contact me. I am there to guide you.

    Thanks & Regards,




    As a beginner, I would suggest going through the basics of test automation. When you do, most of your questions can be answered. For that please go through this free course:

    Selenium is not language-dependent. So whichever language you are comfortable with, you can already start learning through that. But if you are the only QA in your team there is always added advantage when following the same language as developers, as they might assist you with your scripts/review.

    Don’t wait to reach a certain skill set. Just start practicing your skills little by automating demo websites that are created for test automation. The famous one is You can find more of them here:

    Also, there are more resources available for test automation from people in this industry here:

    Over time and practice, you will master. Get the foundation right then set smaller goals and focus on reaching one by one. Happy learning 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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