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    Ronan Healy

    There is a thread on Reddit (here) for developers who have come across their hardest bug to reproduce.

    Seeing as testers look for bugs, I wonder do any of you guys have any stories about bugs that were impossible to find or re-produce?

    Anurag khode

    I remember one bug we encountered which was crashing the iOS App on iPhone while streaming the media. This bug was for one of the biggest streaming and movie renting service in US and It took me 4 days to crack it. The application had to keep on hold for submitting it to app store ad whole product team was looking at us to reproduce it. I tried multiple times with various permutation and combinations but wasn’t able to crack it for almost 4 days. We cracked it finally with the help of developer on the 5th day when we considered one of the information we were getting in Application logs which we were not paying attention to. We had implemented Closed caption in our application and one of the combination of settings of font selected from app and CC settings in iOS device was causing this problem.


    By far, my top favorite bug story is


    Read about a defect where a developer had to — debug an app which would crash very rarely. It would only fail on Wednesdays — in September — after the 9th. Yes, 362 days of the year, it was fine, and three days out of the year it would crash immediately.

    It would format a date as “Wednesday, September 22 2008”, but the buffer was one character too short — so it would only cause a problem when you had a 2 digit date on a day with the longest name in the month with the longest name.

    Certainly difficult to find…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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