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    We all know what to expect when we start testing our new App or service.
    But do we really pay attention to the general effect it has on the device?
    For example, how do we monitor its memory usage: at the background, during usage etc.
    Do we pay attention to its CPU consumption in different situations?
    How is the battery level affected by the App?
    And another million scenarios I can think of….

    What do you think is the biggest “pain” mobile testing is facing today?
    What is still missing to get the full picture when we start testing our new App?


    It’s surprising to see the minimal effort put into finding and resolving common mobile app vulnerabilities.
    The issues surrounding mobile app security are much more complex than those around web apps.
    Whatever the reason, you have to test the security of your mobile apps before vulnerability is exploited…

    Take a look:


    I believe most testers concentrate on testing just the app functionality. Mostly due to lack of knowledge and also due to lack of time. I myself have been guilty of that. At times when I have reported such defects, they have been rejected or not fixed due to some reason by the developer.

    Check out the checklist for more scenarios that you can test while testing an app


    Shameless plug for my blog but I’ve been writing about mobile testing strategy the past few weeks here

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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