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    Who is Marty McFly? 😯

    Marty is the lead character of the 80’s classic Back to the Future Part 2

    Why am I talking about Marty? Well, in the movie (based in 1985 but released in 1989) there is a scene where they set their time machine for the distant future. This distant future was…

    That’s right, it’s today!

    The film depicts a lot of technological advancements by the year 2015. Many are still beyond our technical reach (such as the ‘hydrated pizza’) but there are also a lot of things that HAVE come true.

    Here are 11 predictions that have come true since 1985…

    My question to you is, where do you see software testing going in the next 30 years? Will be all be using hoverboards? Will we finally have hydrated pizza?

    I look forward to reading your predictions 🙂

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