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    What do you like the least in testing?

    I like least when I don’t find any bug!


    I think for most testers, the least thing they like to do is find bugs that won’t get fixed! 😀


    Or manual testing – that is my second guess!


    It is not in the hands of the tester to ensure for a fix for the bugs logged. I think as long as they could spot the issues and log them as bugs they should be happy and that proves their work pretty much 😀

    Manual testing… yeah, I can agree on this one as sometimes when people has to follow through a huge flow inorder to see their desired result.


    I would also go with Manual Testing.


    Hello buddy,

    Well, I hate the Online/offline plus networking issues:

    While it is important to test the proper working of the app when the user is online and offline, an important problem often overlooked, is its capability to work across different bandwidths.

    This becomes important for users living in areas having a history of intermittent service provision of net/ wireless abilities.


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