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    There is only one person responsible for your attending euroStar – you. Even if the program is not yet finalized, now is a good time to start working towards it within your company.

    Usually companies have a fixed budget for training at it is often seen that come summer, it has either been spent already or earmarked for specific activities. If you want in, start now with the aim to give your manager (training responsible) as many good arguments as possible to bring along [1] Also when the keynotes and program become available – you could look into people to meet [2].

    But there is a real risk that it’s a no. I see this as a trend for the last couple of (crisis?) years – training is cut down to only that what can be specifically sold or provide a solution to a specific problem. It’s happening – even though we can all agree that not building competencies leads to the dark side. So what to do about it? – Well, you can go anyways,..

    Reach out to the conference committee they might allow you to volunteer for some practical tasks, they might have a discount, competitions or the like. My first ever eurostar participation was actually a price from a Software Testing Club Give away competition. So I’ve been there myself. A wild option is to pay out of your own pocket both in time and travel – I have done that a couple of times where my company at the time saw no interest in conferences.

    Do help me elaborate on how to go

    1: Cost considerations for conferences
    2: Who is on your conference conferring card

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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