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    Hi all!

    I’m one of the TeamSTAR 2015 and I’m (and the rest of TeamSTAR) attending EuroSTAR for the first time. We’re delighted to be at the biggest test conference, so now it’s time to prepare.

    What should we do or don’t do? Should we bring our laptops? What is the best way to meet new people? Can you suggest us some social events that we definitely don’t want to miss? How should we take notes and don’t miss anything from the conference talks?

    If you are first time attendee, do you have any questions, which can be asked here?

    If you have attended the conference before do you have any tips for us? We would very appriciate it!



    Here are some pointers that helped me on my first Eurostar:
    1. Visit the 1st time delegate event on 14:30 on Tuesday. It will be a good starting point and you will meet some new people.
    2. In between track sessions is a posibility to talk to people who just attended the same sessions as you just did.
    3. The test lab is a great place to meet people.

    As for social events it’s more what you personally like. All Eurostar events I attended myself was great.

    As for bringing laptops or other gadgets thats up to you. However, for some events it may be needed (for example, test lab has announced need for laptop and/or smartphone for some, but not all activites).

    Note taking is a very personal thing so I suggest you go with what suits you best. However, you may meet people who can show you new and interesting ways of note taking. Just remember that a conference this big can be a very overwhelming experience. Don’t panic if you can’t take it all in.

    Ronan Healy

    HI @nataliiak for a good insight as to what EuroSTAR is all about, check out Rob Lambert’s guide here.

    Also check out @funtestic webinar from last year. It’s based around last year’s conference but will give you some idea of what it’s about


    Good tips from speaker Paul Coyne!

    Robert Strauch


    One advice from my side is: don’t choose too many talks/events. Instead have a break and take some time to rethink about a talk or session.

    See you in Maastricht,

    Ronan Healy

    So @nataliiak now that you have been and experienced EuroSTAR. What advice would you give yourself two weeks ago?


    Actually @ronan, I would do a lot of things slightly different.

    1. It’s absolutely clear for me now, that you must take notes! Try to take them while listening or/and after each session. It’s quite hard to recall some ideas now, even though I have presentations and , my poor notes.

    2. it’s great if you came with your colleagues. But frankly speaking, you see them every day 😉 Don’t miss you chance! Go and miss other people. If you hear some cool speakers, go and talk to them about their presentations, they would be happy to talk to you, to hear your ideas.

    3. When nothing appeals to you in agenda, go and have fun in Test lab! Play some games, maybe win some prizes(which I, by the way did 😀 ). Share your ideas. Finally test something!

    4. Don’t leave away workshops. You think that you know everything, but it may surprise you. I found some new stuff for me. Also, it is perfect way to meet people, as you probably would be working in groups.

    I think that’s probably it 🙂

    Ronan Healy

    Interesting @nataliiak

    I have found that in a conference, a notepad is essential. It’s really easy to forget takeaways from sessions when there is so much happening.

    Some great thoughts for next year. You’ll be fully prepared for Stockholm now! 😛

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