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    I always noticed in testhuddle no one like to talk about test failures 😯 , I like to bring more light on testers contributions in project failures.

    As I seen and meet many people in IT they all involved in their lifetime at least one ore many project failures. Very less people like to talk and share such failure stories.

    I think, if project failure means I also contributed in it for sure. Because I am also part of the project. Project failure is a learning lesson for me to perform and do better testing with any next project and share knowledge with team members how we can avoid failure in term of storytelling..

    I love to tell the failure stories and love to listen failure stories also, because I am learning the lessons from my failures. In this path I see a bright window to improve the testing process & adopting the effective testing strategy. .

    Let’s make little brainstorming questions:

    IT Project failure? What is Testers point of view? and Tester contribution in it ?
    I think tester contribution is πŸ˜‰
    Very late verification and validation
    Unclear requirements
    Poor quality of testing

    I imagine there will be a lot of different views. Now your term tell why – IT Project failure? What is Testers point of view? and Tester contribution in it ?



    Thanks Padmaraj!

    It is a great idea share what we learned from failures and maybe how we got to where we are now!
    The failures I have observed are that deadlines have not been met (should we even have had deadlines) and that the quality of a product may have been poor and what it was meant to do was not what the user wanted.

    All of these came down to poor or lack of communication! I think it is important to talk regularly and involve everyone on the team when progress is made, as it is a lot easier to fix an incorrect direction early on!

    Generally when the quality of a product was poor it was because testing was not involved early on or at all considered for the project!

    So I share some of your experiences πŸ™‚

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