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    In the ever-changing landscape of software development and technology platforms, there is a constantly increasing demand for faster and continuous delivery of software and it has become imperative for the software firms to run Agile environment. Agile environment is created to quickly generate small chunks of working software throughout the development life cycle and the environment also includes the need to cut short the cycles of chunks. In this Agile environment, no build of software is released without proper testing.

    The traditional approaches of testing cannot work in this environment as the software is typically deployed at the end of the project in a normal environment. Moreover, the traditional method of testing is known for tedious and time consuming constraints.

    I will also be interesting in your views about Agile Automation Testing.

    Pavan Kumar
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    We can speak volumes about the use of automation in agile projects – books have been written about the topic too. .. Agile Testing and more agile testing both by Crispin & Gregory are some of the best examples. And when we look closer when can only automate the things we know we can have the automation tool check… there will be things we don’t know to check for.

    I was once in a development shop with good automation practices, yet we spent two weeks trying to automate something that could be tested manually in two hours. As identified by Martin Fowler in the automation pyramid a long time ago:


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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