If you weren’t involved in software testing, what would you like to do?

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    We recently launched a discussion which asked the Question: How did you get involved in testing? It became clear that most of our members took a direct route into software testing whereas others seemed to just ‘fall’ into the field. This got me thinking. If you weren’t involved in software testing, what would you like to do?


    if I was not involved in Testing I would however belonged to IT world, because the computer science was started as an hobby and some years after turned into a work. I consider myself a lucky guy, I have a job I like it!
    by the way…. the role of sysadmin has always fascinated me, if I had to choose, I would choose that one!


    If I was not involved in Testing, I would love to have been a Business Analyst as I keep thinking I might go for that role at some point.


    My dream-job is to be a postie in Scotland. Already moved to Scotland from The Netherlands 9 years ago so already on my way to live my dream 🙂


    My first choice in high-school was to be a pilot. The army school refused me cause I had glasses. Ended up doing something better and more rewarding. I still dream of learning to fly someday.


    When I was younger I wanted to be a neurologist, the brain seemed the most interesting thing to me as a kid and actually still does!
    When I got to my teen years I changed to wanting to study biofarmaceutic chemistry and I even got an preleminary admittance to the university of Leiden, if only I didn’t screw up math with 0.1th of a point I would have made it. The biofarmaceutic chemistry got my interest since I wanted to work on research of medicins that could have helped patients with systemic lupus erythamatodus, the disease my mother suffered from. But the dissapointment of failure got me into a whole other study and I gave up on my dream of being a significant player in medicins, so I got into IT.
    If I had to choose / change jobs I would choose something like forensic pathology.


    Stefan you should meet Richard Forjoe. He is a tester who knows how to fly. Be careful though if he ever takes you flying as he once fell asleep during a flying lesson 🙂


    Nathalie I think forensic pathology sounds really interesting. I think that the countless amount of CSI episodes I watch would really help me out too.


    If I was not involved in Testing,… I would have continued as requirement engineer. But today I would like to do something with my hands, handcraft or something.


    If I was not in testing I would be in development. If I did not have to worry about the money I would be a musician.


    I originally wanted to be in advertising and maybe I would be if I hadn’t found testing!

    I also would love to teach something like horse riding and run a stable. 🙂

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