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    As there are lot of software testing companies available in the market. I just wanted to know how to reach to the best software testing companies for all testing related issues?


    mayur01, I would say rather than to reach the best software testing companies, first, you have to investigate what is the most likely experienced/experiencing problems with the product you want to test. Then list out the software testing companies who are good enough to provide you with their best solutions. If you don’t know what are the solutions provided by a software testing company, go and reach out to them and know about their services.   Once you are listed down all such companies that are suitable for your need then you can take off with them from here.


    Thanks for the info Darwin. I guess those who work on software development understand how important it is to make tests on the product they make. For a new product, full-cycle testing is essential, while those launched some time ago might only require a specific type of software QA. In both cases, help from a professional software will be quite useful as such a team for sure knows better which testing techniques and tools are needed for a certain product.

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    Hey @mayur01,

    As there are N no. of software testing companies in the market, we need to select the right one which must satisfy our product or service. According to me when we are planning to select a testing company everyone will check their websites to see what services they are providing, how many years of experience they have and clients they worked for.

    But apart from these steps, we need to check the companies background too like is it genuine, is their team really worked for clients they were shown also need to check whether it is MCA affiliated or not which shows complete details of a company in mca.gov.in

    I hope these steps are necessary to keep in mind while selecting a perfect testing company


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