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    Hi, we have used a manual test tool for about a year now and I would like to review it. Is is suitable for us, or are there better options out there? Are we limited with what we can do compared to what we want to do? And so on. Therefor I would like to ask if there are any of you who know a structured way to do this with a model or in any other way?

    Many thanks in advance,


    Hello – below I’ve listed what I consider to be key features that a manual test tool should be able to provide – in no particular order. It may be worthwhile for you to list what you want to do with a manual test tool.

    Ability to create a test script within the manual test tool
    Ability to import an existing script (Excel file) in to the manual testing tool
    Ability to group/sort test cases so they are executed in the appropriate order (should there be dependencies)
    Ability to associate test cases with a specific test plan
    Ability to assign ownership to individual test cases
    Ability to flag individual steps with a pass or fail
    Ability to flag the test case overall with a pass for fail
    Ability to flag a step as a fail with option of creating a defect – with the defect automatically capturing the Case, Script, Step
    Ability to assign ownership to the defect – with owner receiving an email letting them know they’ve been assigned a defect
    Ability to run a report any time during the testing process, showing the overall status of the test plan while also listing the status of each case within the test plan
    Ability to create multiple iterations of a particular test script with a click of a button
    Build in levels of security within the application – Test Manager vs Tester and so on

    One of the most important features I can think of is the ability to create a test plan, pull up an existing test plan, and be able to automatically copy the test cases and associated test scripts from the existing test plan in to the newly created test plan.



    Hi @Annika, can you give some detail on how this tool is used? This might get a more accurate response. Or perhaps Ron‘s approach solves your problem?

    On another note, maybe other members know of existing models for evaluating automated tools that may be applied in this circumstance?


    First discuss what problems you need the tool to solve:
    – continues integration
    – branching
    – version and release control
    – language support
    – price points
    – current knowhow

    Identify how your current tool, and a couple of others full fill this in a smile table

    | criteria | current tool | niftytool1 | powertool2 | …
    | criteria a | 🙂 | 😐 | 🙁


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