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    I have uploaded a resource and Its a blog post before approx 20 days and still its not approve. so may I know that how much It will take to approve?


    Hi @jessica-cyrus

    Usually the turn around is fairly quick but because of the Christmas break there was a delay. I’ll be in contact via email to let you know about the publication date.


    Ohhh Thank you so much!! and belated Happy new year!


    Hello, My post was approved and again it is going in approval or delete. I have edited it when it disappeared. Please help me for the same


    @jessica-cyrus I will get in touch with you.


    Hello @ronan

    I have the same question! I have added my post a week ago. still not get any response about it. So may I know How much time it will took?

    Thanks in advance!


    Hello @chiragthumar

    It took 15 days for my post to be approved.



    Thank you for your kind response. Its 12 days of my submission so will wait for 2-3 days more.


    Hi @chiragthumar

    We generally try to approve within 7 days. I will contact you directly about your post on Huddle and let you know.


    I have submitted it on 1st June So please check it me revert me about your view on my post.


    @ronan I have uploaded my post on 26th July and I am waiting for my post on “How Selenium’s Popularity is a Result of Demand for Quality Solutions” to approve please check it and let me inform it is ok or not.


    @jessica-cyrus We will update you as soon as it is ready for publication.

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