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    How long does it take to get you to work? Do you commute by public transport or drive yourself? I moved recently so mine just takes a few minutes.

    If it takes a long time how do make use of this time, do you listen to podcasts/music?


    I have to drive from High Wycombe into central London (1 hr 25 mins) every morning and every evening. It’s stressful beyond comprehension. But I do use the time, stuck in traffic queues and behind temporary traffic lights to plan the day ahead so I can hit the ground running when I get in. Sometimes I think so deeply that I find myself pulling into the work car park having absolutely no recollection of the journey I’ve just done and can’t believe how I got there at all!!


    With my present job I get from home to office in 35-40 minutes. With my previous one I had to commute 65-75 minutes.

    I use public transport.

    Listen to music most of time (to not hear what other passangers talk, ads, petty peddlers etc).

    Depending on route length, my plans and my mood, I often like to read something. It might be an article on the Web (or downloaded from Web), it might be a book (some software tech book), or some book I’m reading but not related to testing ,

    I may watch some videos downloaded from Internet (like Coursera lessons or some tutorials / talks downloaded from Youtube)

    As for podcasts — usually not (I’m not subscribed to any), but I do other thing sometimes: I download from Youtube lectures (several public lectures and interviews of James Bach, for instance), convert them to .mp3 and cut that .mp3s in pieces with Mp3DicrectCut software, to have several neat 12-min files. That are “my podcasts”. Long talk cut in pieces preserves its meaning, but can be better managed and rewinded, if needed.


    15 minutes of driving but previously it was a walk of 20 minutes.


    My drive to work takes about 10 minutes. It takes 15 to 20 minutes to drive home. Weird traffic patterns I guess.


    I drive an hour on public transport and even with transfers, it’s terrible.


    @ben9 That’s a very long journey! At least you use the time to get ready for the day and hit the ground running when you get in! As for being deep in thought while driving, that happens me too! Have you any favourite playlists you listen to en route?

    Sounds like you have a productive journey! Converting YouTube videos to mp3’s is a great idea! Similar to a podcast! I must give that a try sometime. Ted Talks are also easy to listen to. Have you watched any of them?

    That’s not a bad journey at all! There used to be weird traffic patterns getting to my last house too, it took 20 mins with no traffic and up to an hour with traffic. It was very unpredictable!

    Janna that doesn’t sound too pleasant. Do you listen to music or read to help the time pass during the journey?

    Ronan Healy

    Mine is about 25 minutes by car. It’s about 30km and about 35 minutes to drive home.

    I do occasionally cycle it too which takes about 50 minutes and is much more enjoyable.


    I cycle most days – it only takes about 15 minutes, so I guess I’m lucky. Weatherwise, it’s only snow and ice that stops me. If I don’t cycle it’s usually poor cycle maintenance that stops me!


    Hey Emma & all,
    > How long does it take to get you to work?
    My commute time is around 20-30 minutes.

    > Do you commute by public transport or drive yourself?
    If the weather is bad I will take the bus, otherwise I am biking ( with my personal bike or a bike sharing system) .

    > If it takes a long time how do make use of this time, do you listen to podcasts/music?
    Books. Papers books or very rarely audio-books.


    My drive to work takes about 5-8 minutes 🙂
    In summer, i prefer to walk which takes around 20-25 minutes while listening to the music.


    I go to work on public transport, even on two and it takes about 1 hour


    I have to get to work far enough. I ride the bus to work for about an hour.


    I have to get to work for 40 – 50 minutes. I use public transport mostly. That was quite frustrating at first. I listen to music or some audio books while going to work.


    The information you shared is interesting. Thank you.


    I usually walk to my job for 15-20 min. I prefer walking to public transport.


    My commute is about 2 hours each way – this is the price I pay for living in one of the most rural counties in England. At least I get to sleep in my own bed, in previous jobs I would be away from home all week.

    I use public transport and walk the 20 minutes from train station to work. The journey is actually rather lovely, as I work in rural mid-Wales. Who would have thought to build a tech company here? During the journey I often listen to music and always read – sometimes the newspaper and, other times, novels.

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